Yance Ford's Creative Capital supported project "Strong Island" featured in IFP's Independent Film Week at Lincoln Center in New York

Sep 16 2012 - Sep 20 2012


Film Society Lincoln Center
144 W. 65th St.
New York, NY




Film and Video

Independent Film Week takes place September 16-20, 2012 at various locations throughout Lincoln Center and is a one-of-a-kind event that brings the international film and media community to New York City to advance new voices and projects on the independent scene. The event is purely focused on supporting the future of storytelling by nurturing and providing opportunities for both emerging and established artists to connect with the financiers, executives, influencers and decision-makers in film, television, new media and cross-platform storytelling that can help them complete their latest works and connect with audiences.

Expanding from its core mission IFP’s Film Week has been re-focused to ensure that artists, industry and audiences have the educational, networking and access opportunities necessary to create and enjoy work across a variety of platforms.

Strong Island will be featured as a part of the Spotlight on Documentaries Series. Strong Island directed by Yance Ford and produced by Yance Ford and Esther Robinson. Set in the suburbs of the black middle class, the film chronicles the director’s investigation into her brother’s violent death twenty years ago.

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