Stacey Steers, Eric Dyer and Chris Sullivan exhibit in "Harsh Realities" at Rowan University Art Gallery in New Jersey

Sep 04 2012 - Oct 06 2012


Rowan University Art Gallery
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ




Film and Video

Opening Reception:

Sep 06 2012

Harsh Realities, co-curated with Jenn Thwing and Joshua Mosley, is a presentation of the artwork and art of stop motion animation in the form of clay, puppet, toys, dolls, and surface alteration that explore through theatre, humor, drama, and metaphor the resilience of the human spirit within difficult and challenging circumstances.  Some of the participating artists will exhibit the artwork that they created for the animations. Artists: Martha Colburn, Eric Dyer, Jennifer Levonian, Laura Heit, Allison Schulnik, Chris SullivanStacey Steers, Karen Yasinski and Mickey Please.

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