Kelly Heaton presents "The Parallel Series" at Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York

Sep 08 2012 - Oct 27 2012


Ronald Feldman Gallery
31 Mercer Street
New York , NY




Visual Arts

Opening Reception:

Sep 08 2012

With her latest body of work, The Parallel Series, Kelly Heaton has created an immersive experience of sight, sound, and soul within a painterly context.  Countering two
platitudes in parallel, “Painting is dead” and “God is dead,” Heaton’s new images literally come to life with the pulsing, chirping, and breathing of the natural world that
surrounds her in rural Virginia: a simmering fire, a rainy spring forest, insects on a summer night, a beating heart, the cry of a lonesome bird.  None of the effects are
recordings.  Analog electronic circuits, designed by Heaton to generate this audio-visual show, adhere to the paintings’ surfaces.  Form, function, and content are
integrated into highly original compositions of The Parallel Series.

Same as any technology, the electronic components in these artworks are not engineered to work forever, inviting a comparison to the impermanent sand mandalas of
Tibetan Buddhism.  The Parallel Series, through the intersection of nature, energy, and spirituality, asks what does one gain when a painting is imbued with electronics;
and what does one lose when the electricity is gone.  Audio and video recordings will archive the work.

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