Women presents the early stages of their Creative Capital supported project in "Work from California" at the 25th Annual Brno Design Biennial in the Czech Republic

Jun 22 2012 - Oct 28 2012


25th Annual Brno Design Biennial
Pražák Palace (Atrium)
Czech Republic,




Visual Arts

Work from California investigates California-the state, and the state of mind-as a subject for a graphic design exhibition.

Typically, region-based exhibitions collect significant work from a particular location, in the hope that common themes may emerge among the diverse individual practices presented. But in the profession of graphic design, where the majority of work is based on a client’s content and thus never totally an autonomous and personal expression of the designer, it can be harder to discern regional thematics and commonalities. They can easily get blurred, obscured, or reduced to pure style.

The works, which include publications, posters, photographs, prints, and installation pieces, explore subjects as diverse as migration, frontierism, the West, celebrity, spirituality, the vernacular, landscape, technology, architecture, film, and California subcultures such as surfing, skateboarding, and bodybuilding.

Work from California Featured Designers: Bob Aufuldish, Dexter Sinister, James Edmondson, Émigre, Ed Fella, General Working Group, Holly Gressley, Hand Held Heart, Simon Johnston, Mr. Keedy, Willem Henri Lucas, MacFadden & Thorpe, Geoff McFetridge, McSweeney’s, Emily McVarish, Jeremy Mende, Mike Mills, MINE, Harsh Patel, Everett Pelayo, Casey Reas, Stephen Serrato, Stuart Smith, Gail Swanlund, Martin Venezky, Volume Inc., Lorraine Wild, Women, and Michael Worthington.

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