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Creative Capital supporters at 2013 Benefit
Liz Delise sings as part of Yara Travieso's production for the 2017 Benefit of Creative Capital.

Creative Capital’s community of supporters includes individuals and institutions who share our mission of supporting groundbreaking artists.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Lambent Foundation
Toby D. Lewis Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
The Theo Westenberger Estate
Bloomberg Philanthropies
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
The O’Grady Foundation
California Community Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts
City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs

The Creative Capital Community Fund (C3) pools individual contributions of all sizes to support groundbreaking artists:

Investors Circle
Paige West
Jane Brown and Neil Didriksen
Stephen Reily and Emily Bingham
Lyda Kuth
Catherine and Jeffrey Soros

Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson
Augusta and Gill Holland, Jr.
Hilary Bates and Jerome Simon

Lisa Tung and Spencer Glendon
Brooke Brown Barzun and Ambassador Matthew Barzun
David Howe

Friends & Family
Nevah Assang
Natalie and John Bajandas
Robert Baker
Sunny Bates
Kathleen Benson Haskins
Christa Blatchford
Sharon Bridgforth
Guillermo E. Brown
Valentino D. Carlotti
Gonzalo Eduardo Casals
Ed Colloton
Sue Dean
Suzy Delvalle
Elizabeth Hirst Donaldson
Theo Edmonds
Heather and Marshall Farrer
Lisa Feder-Fietel
Anna Finneran
J Mark Franklin III
Juliet Gray
Alice Gray Stites
Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo
Christy Hardie
Phyllis Harris
Lisa Heller
Julie Henderson and Chris Reitz
Henry V. Heuser, Jr.
Lewis Hyde
Maria Cristina Jadick
Colleen Jennings-Roggensack
Liz Keim
Kristopher Kelley
Kathleen A. Kelly
Lori Kent
Donna J. Keren
Selena Kimball
Ben Kleinman
Heather Lynn Kleisner
Heather Kravas
The Fifth Floor Foundation
Ann K. Leamon
Ruby Lerner
Carol and Seymour Levin
Ramona and Martin Lindsey
Richard Linklater
Stacy Marcus
Nancy Martin and Fred Hendler
Maria Eugenia Maury
John Melick
Charlene Melville
Robert Mersky
Ivana M. Mestrovic
Meg Miles
Leslie and James Millar 
Josh Miller
Andrea Morganstern
Nina Oppenheim
Dean Jerard Otto
Anne Patterson
Moira and Willie Payne
Michael Pribich
Maureen Reardon
Alissa and Evan Roath
Susan Robb
Ana Ofelia Rodriguez
Cindy Rucker
James Schamus and Nancy Kricorian
Judi Schlottman
Kerri Schlottman-Bright
Andrew Schriner
Vian Sora and Jed Hayden
Stacey Steers
Catharine R. Stimpson
Shannon Stratton
Melody Takata
Ilana Vardy
Emmanuel von Arx
Debra Wimpfheimer
Marina Zurkow

Special thanks to the following Awardees who have provided their talents and time to help garner support for Creative Capital:
Byron Au Yong
Sharon Bridgforth
Carolina Caycedo
Rachel Chavkin
Erika Chong Shuch
Martha Colburn
Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Fallen Fruit
Maria Gaspar
Liz Glynn
Eric Gottesman
Brian Harnetty
Heather Hart
Tahir Hemphill
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Shaun Leonardo
Titus Kaphar
Joseph Keckler
Andy Kropa
Yotam Mann
Miwa Matreyek
Neal Medlyn
Laura Parnes
Paul Rucker
Kaneza Schaal and Cornell Alston
Amara Tabor-Smith and Ellen Sebastian Chang
Ghana ThinkTank
Yara Travieso

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