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Daniel Eisenberg, 2012 Film/Video grantee

“The genius of the Creative Capital model is that it doesn't try to neaten up an artist's process but rather values the chaos and has found real ways to help artists channel that creative energy into building strong business infrastructures that will support their work over the long term.”
–Lisa Kron, 2000 Performing Arts grantee

“Creative Capital is the deus ex machina of the art world, swooping down as though heaven-sent and making good projects great, impossible ideas into reality, and generally making for a more inspired world.”
–Daniel Mihalyo & Annie Han, 2005 Visual Arts grantees

“To me, Creative Capital's most important service has been to impart a feeling of connectedness. I have become part of a marvelous extended family. Its support was offered with such generosity of spirit, intelligence, enthusiasm and creativity.”
–Joanna Priestley, 2000 Film/Video grantee

"As an independent artist, Creative Capital has allowed me to continue my work outside of academia or other institutions. The Creative Capital staff are an astonishingly effective resource, offering a wealth of new insights, strategies, approaches, questions, opportunities, perspectives and resources to my project as well as my long-term development as an artist."
–Quintan Ana Wikswo, 2013 Emerging Fields grantee

"Creative Capital is the only reason I was able to complete this project. Trying to make films and support a family of four is almost impossible today. CC not only made funds available when they were needed but provided the emotional and communal support to get us through the toughest times of post production."
–Peter Sillen, 2005 Film/Video grantee

“I can tell you Creative Capital is not a foundation. It is a visionary funding partner in an artist's growth. It is a SWAT Team during crisis, a training ground to catalyze artists to become creative entrepreneurs, it's the foundation world's rebel with a cause.”
–Sandi DuBowski, 2000 Film/Video grantee

"The impact of Creative Capital on my project has gone from incalculable to astonishing. To me, knowing that the support is there, even for routine expenses, has completely liberated me to push harder with my project and try more things."
–Ben Marcus, 2009 Literature grantee

"In all the chaos and the crisis and the unfairness of the grant world, Creative Capital has been my rock... It makes me feel like an artist everyday."
–Robert Farid Karimi, 2009 Performing Arts grantee

Leaders in the Field

"Creative Capital has developed a new paradigm of grant-giving. There's nothing like it in the United States."
Joel Wachs, President, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (quoted in Variety, "Venture Capital Meets Creativity," May 11, 2010)

“Creative Capital doesn’t just fund projects, it builds careers.”
–The Stanford Social Innovation Review

“In its first decade, Creative Capital has set a new standard for the field and pioneered and innovative model of support for individual artists that has had a powerful and profound impact on its grantees.”
–Ben Cameron, Program Director for the Arts, The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

"Creative Capital tends to earn support and great loyalty from people who love artists more than institutions, and who love seeing artists find business models that work for them."
–Stephen Reily, Vibrant Nation / IMC Licensing; Creative Capital Board Member

“It is an incredible experience, not only to meet so many talented artists, curators, and filmmakers, but also to witness first-hand the amazing energy and potential of Creative Capital’s mission. I feel truly honored to be part of what I regard as one of the most exciting and beneficial programs for artists in existence.”
–Miranda Lash, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, The New Orleans Museum of Art

“The Creative Capital program has been amazing in its ability to transform not only new artists’ work but how they live.”
–Valerie Cassel Oliver, Curator, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston

“Creative Capital artists are the seers of the future.”
–Toby Devan Lewis

"What never ceases to amaze me is Creative Capital's willingness to change, to establish practices and then harshly examine them."
–Jeffrey Soros, film producer and Creative Capital Board Member (quoted in The Wall Street Journal, "Where Good Ideas Go to Live," January 14, 2013)

Professional Development Program Participants

“The Creative Capital model of mentoring and support encourages artists to achieve sustainable careers, and these artists in turn sustain and strengthen their community as a whole. Just days after the workshop, we're seeing the "Creative Capital effect" happening here: our group of artists are already staying in touch, making plans, and excitedly passing our experiences on to our friends and colleagues.”
–Professional Development Program workshop participant

“The Creative Capital Foundation Professional Development Workshops have been invaluable not only to Florida’s individual artists, but to our cultural community as a whole. This program is truly one of the most worthwhile offerings that we have for individual artists. Many have commented that it had more impact on their careers than any grant they received from us. We believe the benefits of this training in our state will continue to reveal themselves as the careers of these artists flourish and they continue to contribute to our cultural landscape.”
–Morgan Lewis, Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs

“The Professional Development Program is one of the only programs I have encountered that respects artists as citizens, as thinkers, as business people... it breaks the stereotypes that we have about ourselves and eventually influences how the country perceives artists.”
–Professional Development Program workshop participant

“This workshop, given to enough artists, has the potential to change the culture of art and art making—for the better. You have provided incredible tools for success.”
–North Carolina Arts Council workshop participant

“I expected the Creative Capital workshop to be helpful, but actually it was life-changing and a complete paradigm shift—especially around seeing that being successful and happy as a working artist is totally possible and that there are specific steps and strategies for getting there.”
–Professional Development Program workshop participant

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