Artist Projects

dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Home

Sharon Bridgforth

dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Home will support a cohort of emerging artists of color in purchasing homes–sites for art centered gatherings–while developing approaches to stop displacement of people of color in South Minneapolis. The cohort will work with local artists and activists to facilitate community engagement activities such as: home buying, food gardening, financial planning and creative practice workshops plus cooking/story circles and house parties.  With Sharon’s mentorship the cohort will develop and present their new works, and she will produce her, dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Performance Installation–a collaboration between Sharon, her daughter Sonja Perryman and artist Walter Kitundu. The Performance Installation is made of original music, oracle readings, and shape shifting objects invite audiences to build, share, hold space, witness each other, and therein activate a more humane and expansive/collective experience. Centered in people of color artistic and cultural traditions, dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Home supports the creation of spaces that active communal wisdom and self-determination.

Project Updates

  • The Whitman Institute has awarded dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Home a 2016 grant in the amount of $10,000-in support of the project’s collaboration with a composer.

  • As a result of receiving a 2016 Doris Duke Performing Artist Award Sharon Bridgforth will be able to acquire and make home in the Bay Area – which supports the project’s ultimate goal of asserting a model for home development, connection between artists and community engagement.