The Universe Is A Totalitarian Regime

Arturo Vidich

The Universe Is A Totalitarian Regime (working title) is a story of interspecies love and loss, ambition and cowardice, that takes place in a phantasmagoric version of Soviet era Russia circa 1950s. The story follows two main characters. Pushkin the Dog is an extraordinary mixed-breed canine who is part magical creature, part genetic anomaly, whose decisions about his fate are not his own. Dasha Zhestkova is an awkward young human who served as a pilot in the Great Patriotic War (WWII), but has since become a performance artist and despondent smuggler of subversive culture. They team up, and tour a street performance in Dasha’s ZIS-155 bus decked out like a rocket ship. The strange relationship between Moscow street dogs and a nascent Soviet Space Program is explored, as is the captivating lineage of female Russian pilots. Historical events and personas are adapted, and tweaked with improbable oddities like those found in folkloric traditions, or a Bulgakov story. Currently in its novel-length first draft, this work is the seed for subsequent artworks ranging from performance, to sculptures, pictures, and video.

Project Updates

  • The 1st draft of The Universe Is A Totalitarian Regime was completed in February, 2015