Artist Projects

Stage Fall

Arturo Vidich

Stage Fall is a Sci-Fi novel about interspecies love and loss set in the perilous wonderland of 1950s Soviet Union, redubbed the Motherland. The story follows the misadventures of Pushkin the Dog, a puzzle-making canine scouring the cratered post-war landscape for a forever home. Voks, his blunt inner guide, speaks to him through Puzzles, urging him toward his personal truth, and away from his overly charismatic travel companion, Dasha. She’s a former Motherland war pilot who deals in subversive contraband for the outlaw Underground movement; she’s good at running away. Together they tour their bizarre performance called, "The Universe Is A Totalitarian Regime!" that lampoons State propaganda using science metaphors, and screen kinoizdat (bootleg films) out of Dasha’s ZIS-155 bus, decked out like a rocket ship. When the CleanUp Men (notorious State agents) catch up to them their world spins apart, and Dasha dies in an accident. Pushkin moves to the capitol, gains local celebrity in the Metro, and finds himself starring in a KinoReel about the first dog in space. When he realizes it’s real, it’s too late. In a twist, the novel has a surprise ending in what could be present-day New Jersey.

Project Updates

  • 2nd Draft Completed September, 2015

  • The 1st draft of Stage Fall was completed in February, 2015