You Are It

Arturo Vidich

You Are It is a transmedia public art and performance project designed to effect meaningful changes in sustainability, youth fitness, aviation and social practice. The project centers on choreographed chaos for 3,000 people and an airplane. This Big Event is designed for a defunct airport runway in Brooklyn. 3,000 people engage in a game of viral Tag in which everyone becomes “It.” In a home-built, pedal-powered-hybrid-electric aircraft called TerraSoar, Arturo Vidich performs aerobatic maneuvers to conduct the Tag players like a maestro conducts an orchestra. Cameras embedded on the aircraft, on players, on the sidelines and on a remote-controlled quadcopter capture the action. This art video, and an accompanying poetic documentary, will show on commercial jets as interactive in-flight entertainment. Philosophically, TerraSoar the bike plane straddles the worlds of art, fitness and aviation. It is an adventurous way to confront contemporary issues of health and sustainability, as an educational mobile art object.

Project Updates

  • 2013: The You Are It website is up and running, with detailed project descriptions, webisodes, news and other regularly updated content.