The Social

Kyle Abraham

Broken up into two parts, The Social: Where My Heart Lies (world premiere 2017) and The Social: Homefront (world premiere 2019) are interactive dance works conducted in a multi-year format. Both works are rooted in conversation and memories based on Kyle Abraham's extensive interviews and community-based activities with people living in cities across America. The Social: WMHL, rooted in community engagement and conversation related to love and loving, is constructed primarily of solos and duets in an hour-length program. Continuing to build on the relationships and trust created during all of the engagement activities experienced in our previous process, The Social: Homefront investigates the social dance experiences that connect a variety of age groups and self-identified subcultures through dialogue and performance. Both works will be documented in the form of a documentary film and a book rich with imagery and writings to accompany the research and presentations of The Social.

Project Updates

  • Residency and Commission for The Social: Where My Heart Lies (proscenium version)

  • 2014: Abraham receives a 2014 MAP Fund Grant for The Social

  • 2013: Abraham was awarded a New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project (NDP) grant to support the development of his Creative Capital project