Artist Projects

In the Province of the Gods

Kenny Fries

In the Province of the Gods is a creative non-fiction work that uses Fries’s experience as a physically disabled foreigner in Japan to look at the way that country views and adapts to otherness. How Fries manages as a disabled foreigner in a society historically hostile to difference is an exciting, if bewildering, adventure amid a culture filled with disabled gods, one-eyed samurai and blind chanting priests, an experience that shakes up all of his assumptions about Japan, his body, and mortality. Through encounters with traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, as well as with two of the surviving Hiroshima Maidens, In the Province of the Gods is ultimately a journey of discovery and reinvention, and most of all a journey toward love–for both Japanese culture and those Fries finds there. 

Project Updates

  • In the Province of the Gods will be published by University of Wisconsin Press in Fall 2017.

  • 2014: In the Province of the Gods is now completed and with Kenny’s agent

  • 2011: Fries receives grant from Toronto Arts Council for In the Province of the Gods

  • 2011: Fries changes the title of his book to In the Province of the Gods.

  • 2010: Fries completes first revision of Genkan: Entries into Japan

  • 2010: Fries makes final research trip to Japan for Genkan

  • 2010: Fries refines draft of Genkan: Entries Into Japan at the Chateau de Lavigny International Writers Residency in Lavigny, Switzerland