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Welcome to On Our Radar, a searchable database featuring nearly 300 Emerging Fields, Literature and Performing Arts projects that advanced to the second or third round in last year's highly competitive award selection process.

Although these projects were not ultimately funded by Creative Capital, we feel they are artists to watch, and we invite you to explore them. This site will be online until September 30, 2016.

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Projects On Our Radar
Emerging Fields
Lynn Marie Kirby
San Francisco, CA


Alhambra illuminates layered site-specific history, exploring cultural patterning and visions of exoticism, while interrogating shifting demographics in San Francisco’s Russian Hill. The former Alhambra theater, now Crunch gym, becomes the locus for interventions including video, performative re-enactments of movement from gestures in once-screened Hollywood films and mobile app-guided neighborhood tours.

Emerging Fields
Chris Klapper
Brooklyn, NY

Touching the Void

Touching the Void is a digital based multi-sensory interactive sound installation that explores the divide between our subconscious and conscious minds through the use of artificial intelligence.

Performing Arts
Double Edge Ensemble
Ashfield, MA

Living Culture Project

Living Culture Project is a re-creation of the Double Edge Ensemble’s rural traveling site-specific performance, Once a Blue Moon. This iteration will be presented throughout Boston’s Latin Quarter and the City of Springfield, and will include chorus participants from the Hyde Square Task Force Youth Group and the Springfield Public Conservatory of the Arts.

Double Edge Ensemble is a collaboration of Stacy Klein and Carlos Uriona.

Emerging Fields
Elka Krajewska
New York, NY

Salvage Art Institute Research Station

Salvage Art Institute (SAI) proposes to build a custom-designed houseboat, the Research Station, serving as the institute’s research facility, meeting place, showroom, library, storage and guest residency, docked in the New York Harbor. Founded in 2009 by artist Elka Krajewska, SAI confronts and articulates the status of artworks officially declared of no value by the art insurance industry.

Performing Arts
Jody Kuehner
Seattle, WA

one great, bright, brittle alltogetherness

one great, bright, brittle alltogetherness is a suite of queer, feminist performances by drag/dance bio-fem Cherdonna Shinatra. The suite consists of three parts: the first is an eight hour durational performance recorded for digital archive and film; the second is an action painting addressing bio-fem drag as feminist performance tradition; the third is a culminating dance spectacle that includes a drag queer folk-dance, fantastical movement monologue and kitten therapy.

Emerging Fields
New Genres
Daniel Ladd
Northampton, MA

Root Poems

The potential for living tree roots to grow into every possible crevice inspires Root Poems. Poems are carved on the inside of shallow molds in which trees are grown; in time, the roots become dense and root bound, then they are tipped out revealing the poem!

Performing Arts
Tracy Lang, Hebru Brantley, Mikhail Jacob (ADAM Lab), Jessica Anderson (ADAM Lab)
Mableton, GA


Post is set inside a large geodesic dome installation that creates a 3D shadow theater space. Post is the fourth and final movement of T. Lang Dance’s interdisciplinary and collaborative work, Post Up Series. All four movements have masterfully blended entry points of creative exploration by intersecting dance, technology and afrofuturism.

Evan Lavender-Smith
Las Cruces, NM

Between Friends

Between Friends comprises a writer’s attempts at exhaustively surveying the concept of friendship as he has encountered it in his life’s many, often-failed relationships, as well as through his encounters with the representation of friendship in narrative art, philosophy, anthropology and contemporary media.

Emerging Fields
Elizabeth Leister
Los Angeles, CA

Tracing Lost Terrains

Landscapes compromised by climate change, the disappearance of handwriting and our escalating reliance on technology are woven into an interdisciplinary performance in Tracing Lost Terrains. As change occurs, what is remembered or preserved; what is collectively forgotten or erased? The project navigates these questions through live-transmission video, dance, drawing and participatory sharing of memories.

Emerging Fields
Walter Krochmal and Alma Leiva
Miami, FL

The Journey

The Journey explores concepts of violence, forced migration, territorial boundaries and resistance using Maya mythology, dance and performance. Its final form is a fantastical video piece of the dancers’ grueling journey from Honduras to the United States border as they engage in performative reactions to place through mythological characterization.

Amanda Lichtenberg
Jackson Heights, NY

Dear Mel

A cross-genre book including prose, poetry and images, Dear Mel, is a reconciliation of American and familial secrets; and the compromises of Jewish assimilation. Based on Lichtenberg's great-grandfather's recently restored 1927 film performed in blackface, Dear Mel is a particular yet classic American story to be shared and reconciled.

Performing Arts
Experimental Music Performance
Lukas Ligeti
Brooklyn, NY

Hacker Concerto

Hacker Concerto is a composition for a soloist and small orchestra. The soloist, however, isn't another instrumentalist, but a computer programmer, who modifies and recomposes the music while it is being played. A tug-of-war between soloist and orchestra ensues, and even the audience is drawn into the musical conflict.

Emerging Fields
Brooklyn, NY

Lux Aeterna

Lux Aeterna is a new art form combining weaving with data visualization. LigoranoReese weaves fiber optic thread on hand looms; the shuttle scratches the fiber causing light to leak. The fabric's patterns are programmed to correspond to live information on the internet, resulting in what LigoranoReese calls fiber optic data tapestries.

LigoranoReese is a collaboration of Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese.

Emerging Fields
Candice Lin
Altadena, CA

Sycorax's Garden

For Sycorax's Garden, Candice Lin will create a manicured garden of plants that have been used as forms of resistance in feminist, anti-colonial, and anti-slavery histories: mostly abortifacients and poisons. Drawing on European Renaissance landscaping traditions, the garden's arrangement—featuring highly structured, clipped hedges and plants organized in geometric formations—teases out the contradictions between botanical resistance and ideologies of rationalism and control.

Performing Arts
Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra
Delhi, NY

The Outer Space

The Outer Space (formerly Already Gone) will be a theatrical song cycle about a husband and wife who leave their bustling planet to buy a dilapidated spaceship docked far away among a small colony of ships over the Caloris Basin, a spectacularly beautiful crater on the planet Mercury.

Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra is a collaboration of Ethan Lipton, Eben Levy, Vito Dieterle, Ian M. Riggs and Leigh Silverman.

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