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On Our Radar

Welcome to On Our Radar, a searchable database featuring nearly 300 Emerging Fields, Literature and Performing Arts projects that advanced to the second or third round in last year's highly competitive award selection process.

Although these projects were not ultimately funded by Creative Capital, we feel they are artists to watch, and we invite you to explore them. This site will be online until September 30, 2016.

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Projects On Our Radar
Emerging Fields
Brian Goeltzenleuchter
San Diego, CA

Olfactory Memoirs

Olfactory Memoirs begins as a series of writing workshops, in which participants use the sense of smell as an entry point to explore childhood memories through creative writing. The project culminates in a series of performances overlaying conventional storytelling with scent compositions designed to unfold in temporal relation to spoken-word narratives.

Emerging Fields
Maximilian Goldfarb
Hudson, NY

M49: Regenerator

M49: Regenerator, a field-research and production vehicle applied to site-specific projects, will be converted into an auxiliary structure; functioning as intermedia device, and meaningful complex object. The vehicle-turned stable structure will exist as both functional platform and performative sculptural situation, charged with a unique history of transit and transmission.

Performing Arts
Ain Gordon
Brooklyn, NY

Ode To The Peripherals: A Four-Play Work Cycle

Writer/director Ain Gordon embarks on a new multi-play cycle, Ode To The Peripherals, revivifying parades of forgotten radicals once impacting latter 20th century America: John Sex, Klaus Nomi, John Fryer, Shari Deans and more invisible souls. Partners for the project include Baryshnikov Arts Center (NY), Historic Society of Pennsylvania and Vermont Performance Lab.

Emerging Fields
Vincent Goudreau
Haiku, HI

Recordings of an Immigrant

Recordings of an Immigrant is a nonfiction narrative book that inspired a multidisciplinary project. Partially funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation and Grand Central Art Center, the work includes a book, ebook (with video and sound pieces), works on paper, sculpture and installations.

Emerging Fields
Most Ancient
Oakland, CA

The Playing Fields

Part stage play, part strategy game, The Playing Fields is an episodic Virtual Reality experience about conflict resolution.The player observes four characters volubly playing schoolyard games in a vast desert landscape. Through the subtle manipulation of each game's outcome, the characters' opposing socio-political motivations can gradually be reconciled.

Most Ancient is a collaboration of Veronica Graham and Jesse Eisenhower.

Performing Arts
Margot Greenlee
Washington, DC

Medicine by the Book

Medicine by the Book (a.k.a. Woman with Sword), is a discourse technology at the intersection of arts and advocacy, theater and dance. It is a “perforum”—equal parts performance and public forum—that brings together audience members, performers and experts to dive into issues of health equity.

Performing Arts
Phantom Limb Company
New York, NY

Falling Out

Falling Out is the third piece in a trilogy about human relationship to the environment using puppetry, butoh, installation and soundscape. It tells a story about water, Japan and the second major radioactive fall-out from Fukushima related to climate crisis and love lost.

Phantom Limb Company is a collaboration of Jessica Grindstaff, Erik Sanko, Mara Isaacs and Dai Matsuoka.

Emerging Fields
New Genres
Andrea Haenggi
Brooklyn, NY

Pleasure Franchise

Pleasure Franchise is a live-performance project by Andrea Haenggi that includes socially engaged Pop-Up Gesture Stores in the U.S. and Internationally; a training workshop to qualify to be a temporal ephemera seller and/or owner; and a web-presence. It is an experiment in art and economics that questions consumerism, values and exchange to redefine engagement, presence and experience.

Minal Hajratwala
Pleasanton, CA

Only the Body of the Unicorn Survives

Only the Body of the Unicorn Survives is an imaginative translation project that draws on archaeological and linguistic sources to excavate the story of the unicorn, from the 5,000-year-old Indus Valley civilization to modern, cybernetic descendants. Minal Hajratwala will create a triptych: a book of poetry/‘translation;’ Write Like A Unicorn, an interactive creativity portal; and a translation stone carved to endure five millennia.

Emerging Fields
Monica Haller
Minneapolis, MN

Plaquemines Witnessing Station

Plaquemines Witnessing Station will be a 25-foot high capsule, overlooking the wetlands of the Louisiana Coast, south of New Orleans. This work is a long-term installation, documentation and land art, which will host further artists, researchers and environmental activists over the years, when the surrounding landscape will be sinking.

Emerging Fields
Lia Halloran
Los Angeles, CA

Your Body is a Space that Sees

Your Body is a Space that Sees will trace major discoveries by women in astronomy since antiquity—focusing on the Harvard Observatory and the women working there in the late 1800s—to create a series of large-scale cyanotype prints and a catalog of the night sky. Works will be created using the experimental process of cyanotype and using painted negatives to mimic early astronomical glass plates.

Performing Arts
Multimedia Performance
Anne Hamburger
Hastings on Hudson, NY


Wilderness is a multimedia documentary theater project about kids who don’t fit into the mainstream. A child's common response to his/her outsider status is often to disconnect from peers and the school system, push parents to their limits, and engage in self destructive behavior such as drug, alcohol and computer addiction. Wilderness therapy programs are offering these kids new hope and the opportunity to connect with themselves and others.

Performing Arts
Performance Art
Banrei Harper
Los Angeles, CA


Amnma is site-specific performative interaction involving elements of ritual, psycholinguistics and social outreach. The work plays out on a stage made of bubble wrap woven into a massive robe. The names of participants are heard as an abstract poem chanted by a digitally-controlled choir through multi-channel speakers.

Performing Arts
Lynden Harris and Kathryn Hunter Williams
Cedar Grove, NC

Serving Life

A virtual call and response, Serving Life explores race, class, compassion and justice with men on death row and those sentenced as children to life without parole. The project includes a scripted performance by former prisoners; a touring interactive installation with community readings of death row monologues; and a network to facilitate work-shares across states and allow for national collaborative actions.

Performing Arts
Michael Haverty
Atlanta, GA

The Followers

An original performance adapted from Euripides' The Bacchae, The Followers uses masks, clowning, original music and krump choreography to create a multi-disciplinary work probing ecstasy, corruption and the cycle of vengeance. This production has been commissioned by 7 Stages Theatre, The Object Group and Kennesaw State University for premiere in 2017.

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