Sean LaRocca

Mondo Bizarro

Performing Arts, 2013

Sean LaRocca is a composer, music producer and publisher, and performing musician. Born in Laurel, MS, and raised in New Orleans, LA, Sean has lived, studied and performed in Boston, where he attended Berklee College of Music; in Santa Fe, NM, where he attended St. John’s College and studied privately with Joseph Weber; and in Annapolis, MD, where he received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from St. John’s and studied privately with Douglas Allanbrook. Since returning to New Orleans in 1989, Sean has studied, performed and recorded with numerous local musicians, and has composed and performed works for video, television, film and theater. In 1997, Sean began collaborating with New Orleans theater company ArtSpot Productions, and has since composed and performed music for ArtSpot original works and productions including: Rumours of War (2011); Loup Garou (2009); Flight (2008); Beneath the Strata/Disappearing (2006); Chekhov’s Wild Ride(2004); The Maid of Orlèans (2004); and The End and Back Again, My Friend (1999). 

ArtSpot Productions
Cry You One

Awards and Accomplishments


Cry You One is the recipient of a National Theater Project Award