Awardee: Porpentine

Emerging Fields, 2016

Porpentine Charity Heartscape is a writer, game designer, cyber hellscape dung beetle, and trash woman, whose games and curation contributed to the contemporary hypertext renaissance and the popularity of accessible text art software Twine. She's won the XYZZY and Indiecade awards, had her work displayed at EMP Museum and The Museum of the Moving Image, been profiled by the NYTimes, commissioned by Vice, the New Inquiry, and Rhizome, and she is a 2016 Creative Capital Emerging Fields and 2016 Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Story Lab fellow.

Project: Aria End

Aria End employs the video game concept of an endlessly mutating death labyrinth, projecting this world inside a 4-channel video cube. By recalling the way we interact with online media—clicking, zooming and scrolling—the labyrinth becomes a circuit board for lost, anxious feelings. Perspective dances between first-person and aerial, claustrophobic tunnels transformed to dazzling patterns. The end result will be an experimental game about alienated feminine bodies and feral architecture.