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Creative Capital - Investing in Artists who Shape the Future
“Creative Capital motivates artists to be architects of their own future.Our programmatic blueprint melds financial support with an array of services so that artists can build a solid foundation for success.” –Ruby Lerner
Grantee Name Project Title Grant Round
Cindy Bernard
Joseph Hammer
soundCommons 2002 Emerging Fields
Sawad Brooks
Emotional Lighting Systems 2002 Emerging Fields
Harrell Fletcher
Miranda July
Learning to Love You More 2002 Emerging Fields
Tana Hargest
New Negrotopia 2002 Emerging Fields
Kelly Heaton
Bibiota 2002 Emerging Fields
Eduardo Kac
MOVE 36 2002 Emerging Fields
Heidi Kumao
Misbehaving: Media Machines Act Out 2002 Emerging Fields
Suzanne Lacy
Beneath Land and Water: A Project for Elkhorn City 2000-2004 2002 Emerging Fields
George Legrady
Speaking/Sensing Space 2002 Emerging Fields
Jennifer McCoy
Kevin McCoy
Soft Rains 2002 Emerging Fields
Mark Napier
0x1 (Zero by One) 2002 Emerging Fields
Sabrina Raaf
Translator II: Grower 2002 Emerging Fields
Marie Sester
ACCESS 2002 Emerging Fields
Eddo Stern
Darkgame 2002 Emerging Fields
(Steffi Domike,
Laleh Mehran,
Lucia Sommer,
Faith Wilding,
Hyla Willis)
REFUGIA-BAZ (Becoming Autonomous Zones) 2002 Emerging Fields
Critical Art Ensemble
(Steve Barnes,
Steve Kurtz)
GenTerra 2002 Emerging Fields
Sharon Lockhart
Pine Flat 2002 Emerging Fields
(Steve Badgett,
Matt Lynch)
Clean Livin' 2002 Emerging Fields
Sujata Bhatt
Invisible Hand 2002 Performing Arts
Ronald Brown
Walking Out the Dark 2002 Performing Arts
Nick Cave
Drop 2002 Performing Arts
Joanna Haigood
Ghost Architecture 2002 Performing Arts
Shelley Hirsch
A Rupture in the Order of Reality 2002 Performing Arts
Dan Hurlin
Hiroshima Maiden 2002 Performing Arts
Vijay Iyer
Mike Ladd
In What Language? 2002 Performing Arts
John Leanos
Imperial Silence: Una Ă“pera Muerta / A Dead Opera in Four Acts 2002 Performing Arts
James Luna
Surreal Post Indian Blues & The Origin of the Sun and the Moon 2002 Performing Arts
Tony Brown
Kari Margolis
Sleepwalkers 2002 Performing Arts
Richard Move
MoveOpolis! 2002 Performing Arts
Cynthia Oliver
AfroSocialiteLifeDiva 2002 Performing Arts
Daniel Roumain
I, Composer 2002 Performing Arts
Donna Uchizono
The Salon Project 2002 Performing Arts
Tory Vazquez
Wrestling Ladies 2002 Performing Arts
Yasuko Yokoshi
Shuffle 2002 Performing Arts
Headlong Dance Theater
(David Brick,
Andrew Simonet,
Amy Smith)
Hotel Pool 2002 Performing Arts
Red Dive
(Ellen Baird,
Maureen Huskey,
Kerry Lowe,
Ashley Smith Steele)
Peripheral City 2002 Performing Arts
Pamela Z
Voci (Voices) 2002 Performing Arts
Bob Massey
David M. Wilson
The Nitrate Hymnal 2002 Performing Arts
Rafael Sanchez
Homer Avila
(Body of) Work In Progress 2002 Performing Arts
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